Elvish hair

Transform your hair into an enchanting masterpiece with these Elvish hair ideas. Discover how to achieve a magical look that will captivate everyone around you.
#Redheads: Light Skin Originated from Single Person Over 10,000 Years Ago #historyofredheads Hair Styles, Cornrows, Ponytail Hairstyles, Long Hair Styles, Sleek Ponytail, Hair Dos, Curly Hair Styles, Fish Tail Braid, Cool Hairstyles

As redheads, you probably have wondered where you light skin originates from. Why is it so light? Why do I have it? Especially if your friends have darker skin and you're constantly reminded of how fair you are. But, as you get older, every redhead realizes their light skin is incredibly unique and unlike the rest. Then, when you hear your skin originated from India and the Middle East over 10,000 years ago -- you may just realize how remarkable it is that YOU are one of those decendants…

How To Be A Redhead
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Hi everyone! Here's a game hair model that I finished after completing my course at CGMA. I wanted to make a really long elvish hairstyle based on Tauriel from The Hobbit movie. In my opinion, hair like that is not often seen in games and that's the reason of my choice. The model is around 90k tris and could be optimized to 60k. For the purpose of rendering I wanted to keep max quality. Special thanks to the instructor, Johan Lithvall https://www.artstation.com/lithvall for all his precious…

Katie Kreider