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Circuit Board Fossils, Paintings and Other Found Object Sculptures by Peter McFarlane Design, Saatchi, Art, Sculptures, Upcycling, Found Art, Saatchi Art, Objects, Kunst

Mixed media and installation artist Peter McFarlane has spent his life turning found objects, computer waste and other discarded materials into sculptures, installations, and even the backdrops of paintings. Of his work McFarlane says: To me, waste is just lack of imagination. This belief carries beyond the boundaries of my art production and permeates most aspects of my life. Most of my home and studio, and much of everything in them, is recycled. More

Ethiopian Artist Elias Sime Recycles Discarded Circuit Boards into Computer-Part Collages Collage Art, Recycling, Contemporary Art, Art, Artist, Medium Art, Sculpture Art, Art Design, Art Boards

Ethiopian artist Elias Sime creates expansive collages and sculpture from discarded electronic odds and ends gathered from local markets. His latest solo exhibition at James Cohan Gallery in New York, consists of a series of massive panels layered with the cast-off innards of computers and machines. Assemblages of electrical components form tight networks of colorful patterns appear as cityscapes viewed from above. - Via Jean Francois Diord

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