Electromagnetic field

Learn about electromagnetic fields and their impact on our daily lives. Discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential risks and create a safer environment.
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Can the electromagnetic field generated by the heart of one person could be detected by another person? Researchers used special techniques to detect... | research, nervous system, communication

Rebekah Christian
The Missing Secrets of ElectroMagnetism & Fractality – Ferrocell, CRT and Ferroliquid Revelations of Fractal Toroidal Electromagnetic Energy Dynamics – or in other words: Why we dont need anything else than (Di-)Electric power potential and Magnetism (vibrating fundamental electromagnetic field – cymatics) to explain the Universe Zero, Quantum Physics, Energy Consciousness, Energy Machine, Electric Power, Electric Universe, Energy Field, Physics And Mathematics, Zero Energy

Scientifically unobserved and for certain unexplained – Never have I come across any literature taking note of the above presented observations of permanent magnetic field interactions Check …

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