Electrical outlets in kitchen island

Upgrade your kitchen island with creative solutions for electrical outlets. Explore top ideas to make your kitchen island more functional and convenient for your everyday cooking needs.

Blend-In, Stand-Out, or Charge-Up When it comes to putting your personal signature on your kitchen remodel a popular outlet for creativity is actually right there in the electrical outlets themselves. Gone are the days when all you had were 2 basic options: white and ivory. You, the homeowner, have the chance to make improvements that … Continue reading "3 Kitchen Outlet Features Homeowners Love"

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When we renovated our kitchen, I thought long and hard about where my electrical outlets would be. Kitchen outlets are essential to making a kitchen convenient, but looking at unsightly outlets isn't always the best design choice. I considered a lot of different clever ways to hide outlets in the kitchen and I did a

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S-Box is the ultimate kitchen pop-up outlet. Splash rated, tested to 75,000 cycles, mounts "chameleon" so you only see it when you are using it. Fully UL, NEC splash rated and available in 15amp and 20amp options. Tested to 75,000 cycles to exceed the life of any kitchen.

The S-Box pop-up outlet allows you to conceal your outlet using a matching piece of your countertop material so it is hidden! Fully UL and NEC splash rated for use in kitchens and wet environments. Available in 15a and 20a models and ships from our North Carolina facility. The only Chameleon outlet!

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