Einstein parrot

Discover interesting facts and behaviors of Einstein parrots, and learn how to train and care for these intelligent and talkative birds.
Einstein is an African Gray Parrot with an extensive vocabulary and rich personality. He’s something of a rising Youtube celebrity, putting out videos with his owner. Here we see Einstein just plain having fun, singing ‘Shake Your Booty’ and taking his own advice until someone joins him. #birds #parrots #Pets #AfricanGrayParrot Albert Einstein, Videos, Youtube, Parrots, Cockatoo, Bird Watchers, African Grey Parrot, Bird Lovers, Bird Watching

Okay, I think we’ve found the next owner of the internet for a few weeks. This booty-shaking parrot sings about… well… booty-shaking. Einstein is an African Gray Parrot that has some moves to go along with his message. He doesn’t want a cracker. He wants to boogie and he wants you to boogie, too. African

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Making your parrot learn how to speak may be a significant challenge. However, when the parrot learns the art of speaking, the feeling of content and happiness may seem huge to most of you. A Texan talking parrot, Einstein loves to sit on his perch just inside his screen porch and speak to the squirrels

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