Easy diy napkin rings

Add a personal touch to your dining table with these creative and easy DIY napkin rings. Discover unique ideas to impress your guests and elevate your table setting.
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Easy to Make Sunflower Napkin Rings I love napkin rings and these DIY napkin rings turned out better than I thought they would. There are so many beautiful napkin rings out there, but some of them have some pretty beautiful prices, too! I like to use PVC pieces from Home Depot to make my napkin...

Michelle Coleman-Poole
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"We Can Do It"... What a great motto. The motto of those that believe anything is possible...and DO-able. ...And without getting too historic on the origins of that saying... The art of 'doing' along with the art of getting things done... especially applies to Do-It-Yourself types...(present company included) With a hot glue gun...and enough glue... most DIYer's could make just about anything... True Story: In college, my stereo broke... So naturally, I opened it up...voiding all warranties…