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Hello Everyone! In this artwork, I was commissioned to paint Tiamat, the Dragon Queen - In her "human form" plus Tiamat, the dragon herself, in the background. I was really excited about this project since dragons are really awesome creatures. The Tiamat dragon had many references including the chromatic dragons but Tiamat in human form - really had very low image references across the internet. So I wanted it to be an original character and with the help of my client's descriptions…

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(WARNING: LAST CHAPTER IS VERY GOREY) Lucy is ignored and treated as if she were invisible by everyone in the guild, including Master, after the GMGs. One day, she snaps after getting kicked out of Team Natsu and being humiliated by her old crush, Natsu Dragneel. Lucy is driven insane and amuses Satan, the King of Hell. She quits Fairytail and is taken in by Satan as his daughter, and taught all Dark related magic. (full list in bio) Lucy becomes the Princess of Hell and becomes 10x stronger…

Marc Laurence Santos