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Explore the witty and insightful quotes of Dorothy Parker, a renowned writer known for her sharp humor and keen observations. Get inspired by her words and discover the brilliance of her writing.
Parties: A Hymn of Hate by Dorothy Parker - Poems | Roman, Dorothy, Dorothy Parker, Author, Dorothy Parker Quotes, Her. Book, Psychoanalyze, Eva, Literary

I hate Parties; They bring out the worst in me. There is the Novelty Affair, Given by the woman Who is awfully clever at that sort of thing. Everybody must come in fancy dress; They are always eleven Old-Fashioned Girls, And fourteen Hawaiian gentlemen Wearing the native costume Of last season's tennis clothes, with a wreath around the neck. The hostess introduces a series of clean, home games: Each participant is given a fair chance To guess the number of seeds in a cucumber, Or thread a…

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