Doll organization

Keep your child's dolls organized and easily accessible with these creative doll organization ideas. Discover fun ways to store and display dolls in a neat and tidy playroom.
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Clever Barbie Organization Ideas You and Your Kids Will Love

Anyone else on the hunt for great toy organization ideas? My daughters love playing with Barbies, LOL dolls and any other fashion dolls that are popular with kids. If your kiddos are fans as well you know how much of a struggle it can be to organize all of the little pieces and store all of the sets. Our Barbie organization was non existent and it was a disaster zone until I got a few products that made it a lot easier for all of us. Here are some Barbie organization ideas for you to use in…

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The Doll Room Closet

Doll storage and organization can be challenging with a large collection or if you are short on space. Throughout my collecting years I have dealt with both. My collection started with two childhood dolls and two outfits. About fifteen years ago I began consistently adding to my collection and now have 134 dolls and lots of outfits. Before I had a doll room, I stored my dolls and furniture pieces on three bookshelves in an unused dining room. As my collection outgrew the bookcases I would…

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