Doll furniture patterns

Transform your doll's house with these creative furniture patterns. Discover step-by-step instructions and create unique pieces for your doll's dream home.
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my latest little house I'm calling the White Cottage which I completed in about 5 days and over 30 hours of work. Its made out of heavy duty cardboard and I was inspired again when I should be taking a break from creating, but once again I thought I cant sit still I have to create something. Plus a couple weeks before I tried my hand at making some wing back chairs. I was inspired by a white wing back chair that is pictured below. So I made a rough pattern…

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I think this witch cast a spell on me as I have be sooooooo slow getting this project done, but spell or no, here it is, THE WITCH’S KITCHEN….hopefully in time to add to your Halloween fun. Yes, I know, the witch is a bit scary but I decided I wanted to use a skeleton & it is a bit hard to make them “cute”. One reason I chose a skeleton was because they are so easy to come by that everyone that wanted to could create their own & secondly as a challenge. But you certainly may choose a sweeter…

Thuy Means
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I've been messing around with this idea for awhile, using paper to upholster a chair. I know fabric is sometimes hard to come by. I keep trying to direct you all to quilt shops. They will have the 100% percent cotton that will always glue for you. The Goodwill and other thrift stores are a good place to look, too. Silk blouses are really cheap there and that's a good fabric to use, too. Silk ties are a good source of fabric if you like the design. You would need a couple of them for a chair…

Leslie Hoffman