Dog collar bows

Add a touch of cuteness to your dog's collar with these adorable bows. Explore our top ideas to find the perfect accessory for your furry friend.
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In an attempt to make Athena look girlier, we have recently outfitted her in her very own bright pink Tiennot Knits sweater as well as two stylish Sirius Republic collars. I have definitely noticed more “she’s so pretty!” comments rather than the “he’s so cute!” ones. But, I decided that Athena needed just a touch more girl to go along with her new girliness. So, I sat down at my sewing machine and created a collar flower complete with a Velcro attachment and fabric button. Here are the…

Sherry Cox
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I'm going to kick this blog off with one of my absolute favorite flowers and a tutorial for it. I swear, I make this flower so much I could do it in my sleep and it's a pretty commonly made flower. I'm sure not EVERYONE makes it the same way and I frankly make it with my own special touch of complete OCD (you'll see in the tutorial). I apologize now for the darkness of the pictures - my house is surprisingly dark when it comes to photos. However - enjoy! Okay. First off. Materials: Fabric…