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Transform your outdoor space with these DIY pathway ideas. Discover unique and budget-friendly ways to create a stunning pathway that adds charm and functionality to your garden or backyard.
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Learn how to create a beautiful concrete bag walkway. Follow these easy steps to transform your outdoor space. Get inspired with this garden pathway idea and discover the affordable and straightforward process.

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A beautiful garden path not only gives you plenty of room to walk throughout the work that your green thumb has made possible, but it also frames your garden and helps you navigate the landscape – creating an experience that just wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Of course, there are all different kinds of garden…Read more →

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An easy and affordable walkway alternative Install Your Stepping Stones like a Gasper Professional 1. Layout out your stepping stones on lawn 2. Cut around each stone with a flat-edged shovel to remove sod and soil to the depth of the stepping stone plus 1" 3. Fill hole with 1" of stone screenings and tamp

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