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Get expert advice on navigating divorce while prioritizing your kids' well-being. Discover strategies to help them adjust to the changes and thrive in their new normal.
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Eight Things Divorced Moms Want Divorcing Moms To Know | SAS For Women

With each day and problem, does it feel like your life will never get better? Take a breath & think about what these divorced moms want you to know.

Elvia Carrillo
Divorce advice from kids who are living with separated parents. Kids tell you what they wish you knew about co-parenting and how to make life after separation and divorce easier for them. #divorce, #coparenting #divorce, #coparenting, Divorce Advice Kids, Separated Parents, Divorce Celebration, Coping With Divorce, Dealing With Divorce, Separation And Divorce, Divorce With Kids, Divorce For Women, Angry Child

What Your Kids Wish You Knew About Divorce - Empowered Single Moms

Have you ever wondered what your kids with divorced parents wanted their parents to know? As a single mom, I worried that divorce would ruin my kids' lives. I have often wondered what kids would tell parents who are divorcing, so I decided to ask several kids who have two homes (mom's house & dad's

Nancy Hanson
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Divorce is tough on kids: 13 Ways to help your kids cope with divorce by @HarryHHarrisonJ | The Momiverse

Fifty-percent of all marriages end in failure. That’s 50% of evangelical marriages, 50% of secular marriages, 50% of Jewish marriages, 50% of gay marriages – 50% of all marriages just end in failure. And that’s just the first marriage. Statistics show that in the U.S., not only do 50% percent of first marriages fail, but 67%