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I’ll never forget the moment when I first heard about “banana and curry” pizza. It’s a staple in many Swedish pizza restaurants, but the thought of it made my stomach do a backflip. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only atrocious pizza being served around the world, but there’s also a dedicated team of crime-fighters working hard to put an end to disgusting pizzas.

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Even the security guard at the Halloween party gave this a second look! This photo of my meat head was taken by lechatnoirfan and featured on the Augusta Chronicle website. Update: How do you top last year's meat head? With a conjoined meathead! www.flickr.com/photos/emergencyfan/4075168326/

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WARNING: This post contains disturbing images. Around the world today, people of all races and creeds eat some of the most disgusting things you can imagine. This is a list of the ten most disgusting things that people eat. Considering the least disgusting thing is poo-related, if you are squeamish, you may not want to