Disabled people

Discover empowering ideas and resources to support disabled individuals. Find ways to create inclusive environments and enhance accessibility for everyone.
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The ancient Indian practice of Yoga involves moving the body and working to help one’s mind achieve balance and well-being. Traditional yoga focuses on improving physical and mental health while helping each person to reach his or her highest potential. Yoga is a beneficial and adaptable activity for people of all ages and abilities. From children to seniors, this exercise has become a national centerpiece in the Western world as it proves to help improve health and boost life energy time…

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Living with a disability is no easy task - people can be quite judgemental of one's condition, which adds a fair share on top of other hardships. Also, not all of our surroundings are adapted to the comfort of the disabled. But no matter what kind of lemons life throws at you, it is always best to shun the self-pity and sourness away, greeting problems with a healthy sense of humor. Humor, after all, diminishes the struggles to a size that we can wrap our heads around, thus making it more…