Dinning etiquette

Learn the essential tips and tricks to master dining etiquette. Impress your guests and navigate any dining situation with confidence and grace.
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People often see meetings as an inevitable evil. As you can’t get out of it anyway, why not make the experience a little bit easier for everyone? Make meetings more enjoyable, effective and efficient by abiding to these simple etiquette rules.

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Far from every relationship is going to end up being healthy, happy, and long-lasting—people break up all the time and continue searching for someone whom they love, can fully trust, and who has similar values as they do. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be at war with your exes. It’s perfectly possible to stay civil, as you move on with your lives.

Shauna Mitrovic
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Nowadays many people consider etiquette to be unnecessary and obsolete. But the point of having good manners is not about following hundreds of little rules and formalities blindly, but first and foremost it’s about respecting other people no matter who they are. As Jean de La Bruyère, a French philosopher and moralist said, “The point of being polite is the ability to speak and act so that other people are not bothered by us.”