Digimon adventure 02

Join the digi-destined on their thrilling journey in Digimon Adventure 02. Discover new digivolutions, formidable villains, and heartwarming friendships. Start your digital adventure today!
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DigiDestined are a group of children and their partner Digimon who have been chosen to protect the Digital World from various forces of evil. Each child is given a device known as a "Digivice" which serves many purposes but is mostly used to allow their Digimon partners to Digivolve into stronger forms. Prior to the events of first part of Digimon: The Movie, having lost their memories of that event, the eight members of the first DigiDestined group witnessed the battle between a Red Greymon…

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Description The DigiDestined's complete team at their full power, without DNA Digivolving. Agumon > Greymon > MetalGreymon > WarGreymon Gabumon > Garurumon > WereGarurumon > MetalGarurumon Biyomon > Birdramon > Garudamon > Hououmon Tentomon > Kabuterimon > MegaKabuterimon > HerculesKabuterimon Palmon > Togemon > Lillymon > Rosemon Gomamon > Ikkakumon > Zudomon > Vikemon Patamon > Angemon > MagnaAngemon > Seraphimon Salamon > Gatomon > Angewomon > Magnadramon Veemon > ExVeemon > AeroVeedramon…

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