Despicable Me

Discover fascinating facts about Despicable Me, the beloved animated film franchise. From the iconic yellow Minions to the lovable Gru, explore the world of Despicable Me and its unforgettable characters.
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Scarlet Overkill (Born 1927) is the opening antagonist of the Despicable Me franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the film Minions and one of the three unseen overarching antagonists of Minions: The Rise of Gru (the other two being Balthazar Bratt and Eduardo Perez). She is a world-famous supervillain, the wife of Herb Overkill and the archenemy of Kevin, Stuart and Bob as well as Queen Elizabeth and her favorite corgis. She is voiced by Sandra Bullock. Scarlet is a tall, slim…

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Kyle is a pet dog of the Gru family, belonging to Gru, and then given to Agnes. Kyle was originally a vicious, aggressive, ferocious, and monstrous blue creature that even Gru had trouble controlling. At times he would attack Gru but despite this he also seemed to be easily spooked and appeared frightened whenever Gru or anyone else opened the secret lair and also ran away from Agnes, unused to the fact that she thought he is cute instead of trying to avoid him. When Agnes, Edith and Margo…

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