Delphinium plant

Enhance your garden with the beauty of delphinium plants. Explore different varieties and learn how to care for these stunning flowers to create a colorful and vibrant outdoor space.
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Buy Delphinium seed. Grow Delphiniums from seed to add tall and stately flower spires to your garden or for cut flower production. These graceful perennial plants will add drama and visual interest to your garden beds with their height and clusters of elegant star-shaped flowers densely packed to the tips of each spike.

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Delphinium and Larkspur flowers might look similar but they are actually two distinct species. Knowing the differences between them can help you pick the right one to add beautiful accents to your garden or get the perfect gift for someone special. In this post, we will explore these two unique varieties of flowering plants, giving you a closer look at their individual characteristics and how each one is different from the others so that you can make an informed decision when choosing either…

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