Daycare start up checklist

Ensure a successful start to your daycare business with this essential checklist. From licensing requirements to equipment and supplies, make sure you have everything you need to provide a nurturing and safe environment for children.
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Let’s get one thing out of the way first: the vast majority of daycare centers, preschools, nurseries, and in-home providers are good safe places. Most of the people who work in childcare are there because they really love children and they want nothing but the best for them. They go to hours and hours of classes and training every year on how to provide a secure, healthy environment for your child and then go back to work ready to follow all the guidelines correctly. But how do you know…

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Are you thinking of starting your own daycare center but aren’t sure where to begin? Opening your own childcare business can be extremely rewarding but can be overwhelming at times. There’s a long list of steps to take in order to make your business successful. From licensing to finding a facility, marketing your center, and

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Questions to ask when searching for the perfect daycare for your child *Please download the PDF Checklist at the bottom of this blog post and take it with you to each daycare visit to keep track of questions and take notes Facilities: Is the daycare licensed? Does the daycare offer a Montessori based curriculum? If

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