Dandelion sayings

Explore a collection of beautiful dandelion sayings that will inspire and uplift your spirits. Discover the power and beauty of these delicate flowers and let their wisdom guide you in life.
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Just now, on Pinterest, I saw a canvas that I loved! Since my handwriting, quite frankly, stinks, I decided to try to recreate this using Powerpoint. I like to put inspirational words in the area behind my desk. It's nice to take time to read it on tough days, and I've also caught my students reading them during guided reading. The quote reads, "When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes..." I just love the quote, because life really is how…

Stephanie Aguilera
Dandelions.. – Becoming a warrior

A dandelion doesn’t care for the opinion of others, It still grows along roses and orchids. Stubbornly alive, and full of life, Weeds are also beautiful in their own way. And when you try to …

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