Damaged nails

Discover effective ways to repair and protect your damaged nails. Follow these expert tips to restore the health and beauty of your nails for a stunning manicure.
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Strengthen and protect your natural nails with these expert tipsWhether your nails are brittle, discolored, or cut, improving their health over time is possible. Maybe you just got gel or acrylic nails removed or simply want to find a way...

Jennifer Philibert
I injured my nail causing it to lift from the nail bed. Is the nail damaged for good? - Health - NAILS Magazine Fitness, Ingrown Nail, Toenail Problems, Nail Disorders, Damaged Nails, Ingrown Toe Nail, Damaged Nail Treatment, Nail Problems, Nail Bed Damage

I injured my nail causing the nail to lift from the nail bed. It’s been about two months and the nail is growing but it’s not reattaching. It’s lifted down to the cuticle. I feel only a little pain if I hit or squeeze the nail hard. Is the nail damaged for good? Should I cut it back? Will I be able to apply a tip in the future?

Sue Owens
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A NAIL technician shared a video of her client’s severely damaged nails – they’ve turned green, they’re lifting off, and she’s had to cut one of them right back to the cuticle. Candy Rain Sal…

Stacy Ann