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Night City is an city sourcebook for Cyberpunk released by R. Talsorian Games. It was released in 1991 so there is a little bit of the issue where they could not have predicted the way some things would change or that there would be some things happen. Let me start by saying that regardless this may be the best modern urban offering I have seen. The book details Night City which is a planned community operated by a conglomeration of corporations. One can not help but think of New Detroit…

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The Arasaka Corporation (Japanese: アラサカ社 or 荒坂社), is a world-wide megacorporation dealing in corporate security, banking, and manufacturing.[1] It is one of the most influential megacorporations in the world.[4] The company is also the largest distributor of Japanese-made merchandise throughout the American, European, and Asian markets. Arasaka-branded weapons and military vehicles are among the most sought after by police and security firms.[5] Over the years, it has developed a dark…