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Explore the cutest chicken breeds that are sure to bring joy to your backyard. Find inspiration for raising these charming birds and create a delightful chicken coop.
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Backyard Breed Guide: Buff Orpington Chickens

With their friendly personalities, cute and fluffy appearance, and solid egg production, Buff Orpingtons are a popular choice for new and experienced keepers alike. While not the most strictly practical birds, this is one of my personal favorite chicken breeds, because of its beauty and charm. Table of contents🐓 TemperamentEgg Production Size and Appearance What

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History Silkies are a unique breed of chicken, thought to have originated in China or Southeast Asia. The first recorded history of Silkies occurs in Marco Polo’s writings about his travels to Asia in the 13th century, in which he describes chickens with fur-like plumage black skin. Silkies were admitted into the Standard of Perfection […]

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The Egg Tooth - Alchemist Farm

🐥Egg Tooth🐥 Did you know that as chicks form in the shell they create a special extra piece on the end of their beak called an egg tooth? This day old Ayam Cemani chick is modeling it perfectly. The egg tooth helps them in the long journey out of the egg and falls off naturally

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