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Discover a wide range of cross stitch materials to bring your next project to life. Find the perfect fabric, threads, and accessories to create beautiful and intricate designs.
What is the difference between Aida, Evenweave, Linen and other cross stitch fabrics. How to select the right fabric for a cross stitch project? Counted Cross Stitch, Counted Cross Stitch Patterns, Cross Stitch Fabric, Sashiko Embroidery, Shashiko Embroidery, Completed Cross Stitch, Sashiko Pattern, Cross Stitch Beginner, Modern Cross Stitch

What is the main difference between Aida, Evenweave and Linen? Choosing the right fabric for your cross stitch and needlework project can be challenging. In this blog we explain the main difference between Aida Evenweave and Linen: the most populair types of cross stitch fabrics. We will also touch upon other cross stitch

Lindsay Moore
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Cross stitch is a wonderfully relaxing hobby that is simple and inexpensive to get started. The only must have cross stitch supplies are fabric, thread, needle, scissors and a pattern with a comfy spot and good lighting to stitch in. Everything else helps make it easier or more fun! But…

Erin Weismiller
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You've just completed a lovely piece of embroidered art but have decided that it is missing something - text! It can be so fun to add a favorite quote or name to your work, but what stitch should you use? Below I've included a look at my favorite hand embroidery stitches for lettering. Scroll down for information on ea

Marina Wager