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With over 800 participants who took part in the Character Design challenge, it’s almost needless to say that narrowing it down to our final winners from the mass of very talented and creative designs was a difficult task for our judges. Challengers had to design 10 unique characters from an ancient civilization. Each character needed to tell […]

Josephine Ohm
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In his insatiable avarice, Midas yearned to gild himself with shimmering gold. He dared to graze his own skin, but this fateful touch robbed him of his sense of feeling, rendering him impervious to sensation. It's an irony to the famed legend of Midas touch. Desperate to reconnect with his humanity, he sought to lure his kindred kind into his trove, both greedy and needy. But desperate to feel, he peels them off like an onion, only he couldn't shed a tear. Hollow within his gilded shell, he…

Luiz Fernando