Explore fun and imaginative ways to use crayons with these creative ideas for kids. From melted crayon art to DIY crayon molds, get inspired to unleash your child's creativity.
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A crayon costume is a simple costume that you can easily make at home. All it takes is some colored and black felt and some black clothing. This costume takes little time to create and is a great last-minute group costume. The more people you have dressed up as crayons, the more interesting the costumes look.

Find out the colors in the Cryaola Techno Brite Crayons and Markers boxes. The techno Brite crayons came out about the same time the Internet was being popular. They feature names associated with technology. Pink, Techno, Ultra Violet, Green Web, Rainbow Colors, Color Me, Nostalgia, Etc, Colours

The Crayola Techno Brite Crayons and Markers boxes came out in 1997 to promote the new Crayola website. The Techno Brite crayons came out about the same time the Internet was being popular. They feature names associated with technology. The colors are very similar to the Hot Fluorescent box that came out years earlier, but the names are all centered around technology.

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I was so grateful to get these No. 24 P Crayola crayons from a friend. This box is a 24 set from the 1970's. I love all the color names in this box. I also like that it comes in a hard case, and is able to protect the crayons from damage. It is a lot easier to store this way. Crayola packaged their crayons in hard boxes during this time period.

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CRAYOLA CRAYON PACK: One box of Crayons with 24 Classic Crayola Colors. SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Crayola Crayons are popular on back-to-school lists, and great for crafts and school projects. CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Compact and easy-to-open packaging is perfect for on-the-go coloring and creativity. STRONG & DURABLE: These art tools for kids are double-wrapped for added durability and strength. GREAT FOR COLORING BOOKS: Pair this crayon set with coloring books for a great bundled gift idea. SAFE…

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