Coruscant underworld

Uncover the mysteries and secrets of the Coruscant Underworld. Discover the hidden gems and thrilling adventures that await in this dark and dangerous underworld.
-Coruscant Portal Mech Bay- Star Wars: The Clone Wars - , Pat Presley on ArtStation at War, Design, Architecture, Empire, Star Wars Rpg, Star Wars Concept Art, Clone, Star Wars Planets, Jedi Knight

-Coruscant Portal Mech Bay- Star Wars: The Clone Wars - This is a concept I did for Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 7, Episode 5 "Gone With A Trace" that was aired last week. It was shared on Star Wars official site earlier. The design was done years ago, so it's really great to see the concept comes to life in this final season. Stay healthy, stay sane and be kind to each other, everyone. Cheers!

Валерий Денисенко
Concept Art, Art, Gothic House, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalypse, Sci Fi Environment, Dark Places, Concept, Dystopian Art

Hey everyone, I was browsing through my inspiration folder the other day and I realized that over the past couple of years I've managed to gather over 3000 pieces of art all related in some way to 3d (which is why most of us are here) I decided that keeping all that to myself is crazy because there are so many 3d artists who could use more inspiration in their life.

Pablo Giménez