Cool fidget toys

Discover a wide range of cool fidget toys that provide endless entertainment and help relieve stress. Find the perfect fidget toy to keep your hands busy and your mind focused.
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This surprise package contains 12 fun and exciting mystery fidget toys. Each pack will include at least 1 – regular sized popit OR dimple, 1- mini sized popit OR mini-dimple, 1- squeeze type ball, and 9 other fidgets for a total of 12 fidgets. We try to source unique and fun fidgets to help every collector add special fidgets to their collection. We have a wide variety of fidgets and the images shown are just an example of some of the fidgets that you may receive in your fidget mystery pack…

Mako's Market
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If you can't resist fidgeting with the TV remote control then this could be fidget for you! The Flickit Fidget Toy is the perfect desk decor for those seeking sensory stimulation. With just a flick of a switch, this unique stim toy will captivate your attention and help you channel your fidgeting tendencies in a fun and productive way. Crafted with durability in mind, this flickable fidget is designed to withstand countless flicks and clicks! Whether you're looking to keep your mind focused…

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All-New Dimple 5 button Keychain Fidget Keychain comes in Different Colors. • The Dimple 5 button Keychain is made of high-quality plastic and silicone having 5 bubbles in it. • The 2.8*1.4 inch with 0.08lb weight is easy to carry or hang on it your bag and fun to play with. • The colorful soft sensory stress toy can be a great gift for your friends or your kids for stress relief. It is also suitable for children's parties, which keeps the active body busy all-day The colorful soft sensory…

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