Concrete jewelry

Discover the beauty of concrete jewelry and elevate your style with these unique and modern ideas. Explore different designs and find the perfect piece to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.
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Ok, if you haven’t seen or heard of this technique before just bear with us, because the results can be amazing! You might be picturing little clumps of rubble on a string or perhaps crude initials scratched in a dull grey slab… Nope! Cement has come a long way since the Flintstones. It can be […]

Anne Cabaniss
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"Aakaar" - The various shapes is what our life and surroundings filled up with. Our Debut jewellery collection "Aakaar" focuses on the various geometric shapes we see around our daily lives . Using the basic ingredient "Concrete " our collection is definetly an eye catcher and conversation starter . As all our piece

Eszter Tunyogi
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If you're looking for bold, raw concrete statement earrings that are lightweight and stylish for any occasion, you've come to the right place. Each earring is handmade and entirely unique which gives it its own distinctive charm. Since kasta uses raw concrete, each piece will have variance in color and texture making i

Susie sunshine
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Living in an urban landscape fills your eyes with grey shades, harsh edges,straight lines and boundaries. You might think that you are fed up with concrete and grey, but wait till you see what you can make out of it! There's always a ripost. Construction materials are thought differently. They've always been the right puzzle piece for industrial design and minimalistic decoration. Right now they are becoming a huge trend in housewares and everyday life items. Many designers are inspired by…

Liesi Sao