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Discover fun and interactive activities to help students master complex sentences. Enhance their grammar skills and make learning enjoyable with these top ideas.
Complex Sentences Anchor Chart! This blog post also features a FREE activity where students write their own complex sentences. Independent Dependent Clauses Anchor Chart, Sentence Fluency Anchor Chart, Dependent Clause And Independent Clause, Combining Sentences Anchor Chart, Dependent And Independent Clauses Anchor Chart, Types Of Poems Anchor Chart, Subordinating Conjunctions Anchor Chart, Complex Sentences Anchor Chart, Sentences Anchor Chart

Complex Sentences Anchor Chart! This blog post also features a FREE activity where students write their own complex sentences.

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Wondering how to teach sentence structure? Make it meaningful, memorable, and useful by applying these practical tips. #middleschoolgrammar #highschoolgrammar

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Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences Teaching simple, compound and complex sentences can be tough! In my 5th grade class, I usually try to focus on a grammar target each week. If the students show mastery by Friday, I will move on. I am very impressed with my kiddos this week! We worked on simple, compound, […]

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There are tons of essay writing materials available online. From brainstorming to writing paragraphs and full essays. What good does it do, however, if students can´t put a simple or complex sentence together? This worksheet is aimed at students who need complex sentence writing practice. It explains, give examples and then engages students to write their own sentences based on either a picture or from scratch. - ESL worksheets

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When it comes to complex sentences, things quickly become... well... complex. At the mere mention of independent clauses, dependent clauses, and subordinating conjunctions, many young eyes immediately glaze over. One year, when I was about to introduce the topic of complex sentences to my fifth graders, I decided on a whim to use an image of a nurse helping a patient walk. I was amazed by how much this simple image helped my students. I told them that the nurse in the picture was like the…

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