Colored mirror

Add a touch of elegance and style to your space with colored mirrors. Discover top ideas to incorporate colored mirrors into your home decor and create a unique and captivating atmosphere.
Contemporary Off Round Hue #4 Wall Mirror by Sabine Marcelis 'Sunrise' For Sale at 1stDibs Design, Ideas, Interior, Dekorasyon, Haus, Color, Deko, Wallpaper, Interieur

About Latest design in the Off Round Hue Mirror series Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven collaborated on the project ‘Seeing Glass’ - a series of glass objects resulting from an ongoing study into optical effects created with glass as the primary material. Glass specialists allowed the designers to play around and experiment in their factory to investigate new possibilities and through the use of materials, color and layering, unexpected effects are created which play with ones visual…

Peggy Gallagher