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Express your love for Colorado with a unique and inspiring tattoo. Discover top tattoo ideas that capture the beauty and spirit of the Centennial State.
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The article elaborates some of the best mountain tattoos symbolizing courage, meticulousness, and grandeur of nature. All the tattoo designs represent that success depends on the progress and unwavering persistence to face the challenges of life. The article further talks about tattoo placement, tips, and challenges.

Lindsay Custer
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Prints Available My recent design featuring the Colorado 14ers is quickly becoming one of the best selling prints on my website. Each of the ranked 14,000 ft. peaks in Colorado is represented from left to right/top to bottom in order of elevation. Mt. Elbert is at the top at 14,433 ft. above sea level. Each peak has a unique silhouette/profile that distinguishes it from the others. Many people who live near these mountains are able to identify these peaks simply by looking at their outline…

Anja Elizabeth