Collaborative art projects for kids

Encourage your child's creativity and teamwork with these exciting collaborative art projects for kids. Explore ideas that will inspire them to work together and create beautiful art.
Cassie Stephens: 20 of My Favorite School-Wide Collaborative Projects!

Collaborative projects! Collaborative projects are one of my favorite things. I love them at the start of the year and the end. I love doing them with the whole school or just a grade level. I love using songs, themes, name it. I just love collaboratives! We've done a TON over the years and I thought I'd put them all together in one big ole blog post. So, here you go: my 20 Favorite Collabortive Projects. Be sure and click on the links, many of these have how-to…

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Each student was given one page to color with either crayons or colored pencils. They could use any colors or combinations that they wished. When they were all done, they cut out each Collaboration Square. The squares were put on a table and an attempt was made to group them with 3 others of similar colors and style. Not alway easy. The four matching squares were glued on various colors of construction paper. The completed pictures were hung in the hallway of the school for about a month. At…

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Creating collaborative art is a wonderful way to encourage teamwork among students, celebrate diversity and enrich classroom culture. This collection of hands-on group art projects is designed to build meaningful skills such as taking turns, discussing ideas, and making group decisions. They are a fantastic way to foster community, allow students to connect with their classmates, and teach them to focus on cooperation instead of competition. Students are sure to have plenty of fun while…

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Art of Giving is hands down my favorite art event all year, and it was my 5th time to participate as an artist. The event takes place in a plastic sheet covered room at Dell Children’s Hospital. Kids and artists team up to make art and local businesses sponsor the collaborative art pieces made at

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