Cold and sinus remedies

Discover effective and natural remedies to relieve cold and sinus symptoms. Say goodbye to congestion and discomfort with these simple and proven remedies.
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Have you ever wondered why you are experiencing chronic sinus infections? This question has come up more frequently lately, and the connection to the gut is ALWAYS an initial surprise to clients. Let's talk about a case study of client, Betty:BUT FIRST, PIN THIS TO PINTEREST TO REVIEW LATERBetty, 45yo female, presents with environmental allergies with chronic sinusitisBetty was 45 and had dealt with environmental allergies as a child, which became chronic sinus issues throughout her adult…

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Head congestion can be caused by a cold, the flu, allergies or a sinus infection. Your nasal passages become clogged, your ears pop, you blow your nose to no avail. Your speech becomes stuffy, and it feels like your whole head is stopped up and ready to burst. There are plenty of over-the-counter medicines that...

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Herbal Sinus Buster Tea will help clear your stuffy nose, get rid of your sinus infection, and help with your allergies.

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