Coconut crab

Learn about the incredible coconut crab, the largest land-living arthropod. Discover interesting facts about their size, behavior, and habitat. Get ready to be amazed by these fascinating creatures!
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The Coconut Crab: A Force of Nature

Research explores just how strong a Coconut Crabs pinch can be, but there is so much more to understand about these vibrant animals. The Coconut Crab is a unique and beautiful creature found on islands throughout the Indo-Pacific. This vibrant species is the largest hermit crab in the world--measuring up to 18 inches long and weighing up to 9 pounds. Researchers have recently discovered that along with its size comes immense strength. In this recent study from PLOS One, the researchers used…

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‘A bigger deal than it sounds’: Coconut crabs are vanishing, island by island

Coconut crabs, known in Indonesia as ketam kenari, are the world’s largest land crab. They’re also quite an unusual species: these invertebrates can live up to 60 years and measure a meter long (3 feet) from leg to leg, with claw strength 10 times greater than a human’s grip. While most photographs of these crabs […]