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Enid Hwang (center, right), Pinterest's fourth employee, was also one of the bookmarking site’s first fans. She stands with Pinterest cofounders Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp (center, left) and other early employees. (Courtesy Pinterest) Founding Fathers, People, Tony Robbins, General Counsel, Founder, Co Founder, Interview, Lineup, Pinterest Founder

Pinterest community marketing manager Enid Hwang starts her day at 6:30 a.m. focused on one mission: ensuring Pinterest wins over users the same way the site did from the very beginning -- one-to-one. As Pinterest’s fourth employee and one of the site's first few hundred "pinners," Hwang remembers the way she and Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann first worked together, meeting bloggers individually at conferences and scouting for artisans in San Francisco. She doesn’t want that type of work to…

Grégory Mancel | Pinterest Pro