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Metamucil is a remedy against constipation. An issue more people suffer from than you would expect. They just feel uncomfortable to talk about it. Our objective was clear: strengthen brand name awareness for Metamucil, link it to constipation and make the issue of constipation as 'easy to talk about' as possible. Strategic approach: Budget was limited, so we needed bold work to make impact. Secondly, we wanted to stay away from medical or pharmaceutical connotations to keep barriers low. In…

Wendy LaMaskin
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Humans are visual beings, we love looking at things we find pleasing. Pair that with functionality, and you’ve got some extraordinary brilliance. American architect Frank Lloyd Wright believed that a building should not only be pleasing to look at, but connect with and enrich the lives of those inside it. And such philosophy should be behind any great design idea.

Surfrider's Rise Above Plastics Campaign will get you thinking twice about littering on the beach. Saatchi, Surfrider, Ocean, Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Pollution, Guerilla Marketing, Great Ads, Creative Bloq, Clever Advertising

Check out these great new print PSA's that Pollinate Agency in Portland, OR created for Surfrider's Rise Above Plastics program! Surfrider Chapters are welcome to use them and if you can help get them placed in a magazine or somewhere creative outside of our regular networks please let us know: Big thanks to the good folks at Pollinate and Laika House in Portland for their help and hours of hard work on this project!

Jeric Kison
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Smoking is not a healthy habit to have, of that we all agree but what has that got to do with art? The fact is that art works at not only pleasing the senses but can also be used to show a worthy and impactful message. If you don’t believe us, then we suggest that you give another thought to the maxim that one picture is worth a thousand words. See, now you know what we mean by saying that art can do double duty; one of pleasing the senses and the other of provoking thought and spreading…

Veronica Herrera
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The campaign’s concept is that a shopping bill shouldn’t scare, confuse, or agitate customers. The execution uses receipt bills formed into different shapes to represent each of these feelings. Body copy reassures the viewer that the hypermarket offers low prices so that one doesn’t have to worry about expenses.

Noor Ashraf Fouad