Cleaning wood blinds

Keep your wood blinds looking their best with these effective cleaning tips. Discover how to remove dust and grime to maintain the natural beauty of your wood blinds.
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Spring Cleaning. I love it and I hate it. Even though it's hard work to deep clean the house, I look forward to spring and fall cleaning because it's like a home reset. So refreshing! Do you dread cleaning your window blinds? I know I do. I love to have them clean, but they are such a pain. When we moved into this house, the blinds were so filthy, a wipe down just wasn't good enough. I don't think they'd ever been cleaned. In desperation, I threw them in the bathtub and took a scrub brush to…

Fran Waldmire
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Admittedly, in keeping your home clean and polished, you don’t get to your blinds all that often. The last time you went to let some light in, you noticed the wood blinds were caked in dust and grime. How do you clean them? We've researched the most efficient steps and best cleaning tools to help […]