Cleaning headstones

Learn how to properly clean and care for headstones and memorials. Discover effective techniques and products to restore the beauty of these sacred monuments.
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If you’re familiar with grave cleaning (or have checked out the Grave Cleaning Resources that I’ve shared), then you know that you can’t just grab any old bottle of household cleaner, fill up a bucket of water, run to your local cemetery, and start scrubbing random gravesites. You need to get yourself setup with a variety of… Continue reading Grave Cleaning Supplies

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Cleaning tombstones and monuments has become quite popular among many individuals and groups. Some groups do it as part of reading cemeteries to gather historical documentation or as a way to beautify a cemetery. Others are individual descendants doing much the same things. And others take on tombst

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Before you run out and attempt to freshen up a loved ones grave or show some attention to a resting place that has apparently not received any TLC in years, it’s very important to learn how to safely clean graves. THE PURPOSE OF CLEANING GRAVESThe main purpose of cleaning graves is to remove things like the soiling from air pollutants, lichen, dirt,… Continue reading How To Safely Clean Graves

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