Christmas tree tinsel garland

Add a touch of sparkle to your Christmas tree with these beautiful tinsel garland ideas. Discover creative ways to decorate your tree and make it shine this holiday season.
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Tips and Simple Tricks for How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree! Watch the quick video to show you how to make your tree beautiful this holiday season!

Lea Cramer
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There are two kinds of people in this world; people who like tinsel garland, and people who need to start liking tinsel. There are also people who claim they can’t keep it in the house because they don’t want to pull it out of a dog butt come New Years (valid concern), so with that...Read More

Sarah Kollars
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In 2019, I was inspired to add tinsel to our Christmas tree and I loved it! We have never added tinsel before that and I had never had a tree with tinsel from childhood either! This year, in 2020, I wasn't going to add it. Then I watched White Christmas for the first time in

Andrea Larson