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Summer is right behind the corner and it’s time to decide where to spend your summer of 2022. If you’ve always wanted to visit Europe but you were never sure due to its price, in today’s Europe travel guide you’ll find cheap summer destinations in Europe. Every part of this continent is full of history

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As home to some of the most expensive countries in the world though, Europe can also be one of the priciest places to travel to. Europe doesn't have to break the bank though. In fact, it's possible to travel there for as little as $33USD per day - a price you could easily spend on a meal elsewhere in the world! I've rounded up some of the absolute cheapest cities in Europe. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they also offer loads in the way of culture, history, and fun!

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Travelling is something that attracts many people, especially the young. If you’re someone in your 20s and you’d love to travel the world, I know how hard it might be due to lack of money. Today you’ll find 7 Affordable Travel Destinations in Europe, perfect if you’re young and on a little budget. Europe is

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While Europe isn’t known for being cheap (looking at you Paris & London!), don’t think the entire continent is off limits if you’re hoping to travel on a budget to Europe. There are quite a few shockingly affordable European travel destinations you can jet off to and still get the full European experience. Here are...

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