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Explore a collection of captivating character art ideas for female characters. Get inspired to create stunning illustrations and designs that truly bring your characters to life.
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30 Cute And Heartwarming Lesbian Comics About My Relationship With My Girlfriend

Hi! I'm Chia and my girlfriend is Poppy and we're the main characters in Sesame But Different, a slice-of-life lesbian comic that pokes fun at moments (sometimes embarrassing but, hopefully, mostly relatable) in our lives. We are very similar: we share many similar hobbies, tv shows, etc. However, we're also very different: Poppy is more sporty, and I'm nerdier; I'm more disciplined, and she's laid back. So we're same-same, but also different. Hence the name.

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What 10 Cartoon Characters Would Look Like With Realistic Bodies

Cartoon ladies having an anatomically impossible waist to hip ratio is the standard at this point. Snow White is the most proportionally correct Disney princess since animators drew her from a real-life model and were tasked by the big man Walt himself to make her look more realistic and less cartoony. But it would be nice to imagine other characters in this fashion too.

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