Ceramic jars

Discover a collection of stylish ceramic jars to elevate your home decor. Find inspiration to add a touch of elegance and functionality to any room in your house.

A genuine ray of sunshine, this cute little jar makes it easy to stay organized in style. Use it to store cotton balls by the bathroom sink, or keep it by your desk for spare change and paperclips. With its opaque design and handy lid, this jar transforms clutter into curation.

Jennifer Novak
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This wheel thrown sugar bowl was made with speckled clay and partially covered with a layer of white/light blue glaze, with the speckles peaking through! The lid fits neatly inside the rim, and features a stylish handle that gives it a unique and beautiful look . Although I originally design this bowl for sugar, it could also be appropriate for salt, spices, honey, jam, jelly, curries, etc. The whole piece is approximately 4" tall by 3"wide, weighs 8 oz and holds about 7 fl. oz. This sugar…