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Description French "Marsouin" (1870-1871). Marsouins or litteraly "porpoises" in English is the nickname given to the infantrymen of the Troupes de Marine, or French "Naval Troops". They are not to be confused with actual Marines (Fusiliers Marins) who served as garrison on ships. The Marsouins were rather trained as regular line infantry and meant to act as overseas and metropolitan garrisons of port cities, as well as basically acting as colonial infantry, and thus were deployable…

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Organization Upon his accession to the throne, Tsar Paul launched a series of reforms aimed at transforming the Russian Army. His Gatchina Troops (the tsar's personal guard at the palace of that name), trained in the Prussian manner, became the pattern for the rest of the imperial army. New drill regulations were introduced in December 1796, while new uniforms were issued in the Prussian style, and soldiers were required to wear their hair pulled back behind their heads in tightly braided…

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