Catherine de medici

Explore the fascinating life of Catherine de Medici, a powerful and influential figure in Renaissance France. Learn about her political alliances, cultural patronage, and lasting legacy.
Catherine de Medici. This is my favorite painting of her Couture, Portraits, Queen, Portrait, Fotos, Fotografie, Reine, Royalty, Kunst

Author: C. W. Gortner Publication Date: 2010 Length: 397 pages Cost: It's still newer, so Amazon has it for 33% off of the $25.00 price ($16.67). The softcover is listed at just under $10, and the Kindle edition is just over $13. Where Did I Hear About It: I was made aware of Gortner when I picked up The Last Queen, which I reviewed here. This is actually the book I was looking for when I picked up the other one first. The Backstory It's hard to tease out exactly how people perceive…

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