Carved eggs

Explore a collection of unique and intricate carved egg designs that showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of talented artists. Discover stunning ideas to add a touch of elegance to your home decor or gift them to someone special.
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Habari Gani Kuumba Creativity I stand on the shoulders of two creative giants, my grandparents. When they left this world, they knew they had raised one child to become a Supreme Court Judge. Another child traveled the world. A daughter who was an educator in the New York City School system and a son who became an engineer. Everyone learned to play and instrument, went to church every Sunday, and was polite and courteous to elders. These times (30's and 40's) were not idyllic, but Momma and…

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NOT AN IMPERIAL EGG. THE BASE LOOKS LIKE IT WAS FORMERLY A CANDLE HOLDER. Perhaps made several weeks ago? PROVENANCE please. Former incorrect caption: "Faberge Imperial Egg" Emu, Decoration, Faberge Eggs, Fabrege Eggs, Faberge, Faberge Jewelry, Egg Artistry, Egg Shell Art, Egg Art

Carving a Lattice and Acanthus Pattern on an Emu Egg Shell: I created this project with the amazing Faberge eggs in mind. My approach was to combine the precision and beauty of the famous Faberge eggs with modern tools and possibilities. I used an emu egg because of the natural layers and colors that it cont…

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Egg Art – Extremely Simple, Delicate, And Enchanting! - Bored Art Crafts, Diy, Easter, Art, Egg Shell Art, Egg Art, Egg Artwork, Easter Egg Art, Egg Crafts

Humans have an infinite capacity to come up with creative ways to use the things around them to create objects of beauty. This has been a tradition even in the days past where resources, tools, and artistic supplies were in scarce supply. Today, we are going to discuss egg art. And by that if you think that we are talking about something expensive, then you would be mistaken. We are sure that you have heard of Faberge eggs – some fabulous and fantastic facts about them, but that is not what…

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