Cardinal painting

Add a touch of nature to your home with stunning cardinal paintings. Explore top ideas to bring the vibrant colors of these magnificent birds into your living space.
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How to Draw a Cardinal (back view) Courtesy of Tabitha from TheLostSock Cardinal (side view) from Unknown source Below Below,-red-cardinal-bird.htm Informative & historical instruction Of a side view Cardinal...

Beth Slade
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I remember sitting in my backyard, watching the bright red cardinals hop from branch to branch. Their vibrant color against the green leaves always caught my eye. Inspired, I decided to try drawing them. My first few attempts weren't great. The shapes were all wrong, and the colors didn't pop like I wanted. However, I kept practicing. I looked up easy ideas online and slowly, my drawings started to improve. The breakthrough came when I focused on simple shapes to form the cardinal's body and…

Cathy Johns