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Ensure your child's safety with this important car seat emergency information. Find out everything you need to know in case of an emergency situation on the road.
Car Seat Emergency Info Stickers - If you're in an accident, how will paramedics, drs, and nurses know important info for your kid and who to call? Family Emergency Binder, Time Magic, Magic Car, Mommy Hacks, Car Seat Reviews, Momma Bear, Family Emergency, Convertible Car Seat, Child Car Seat

Just a quick, but extremely important, project for today's nap time. A car seat emergency label. When I saw this pin on Pinterest it got me thinking about patients I've had who we have no information on after a car accident. Often, the parents are at a different hospital, and sometimes the rest of the family doesn't give accurate information. Sometimes aunts, uncles, and grandparents can't even tell us the right birthday! Since I don't have printable stickers, I decided just to type up the…

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Today I’m sharing a free printable emergency car seat label. Please feel free to print this out, fill in the blanks, and attach it to your kids’ car seats. #safety #emergency Car Seat Emergency Info, Learn Cpr, Baby Labels, Carseat Safety, Newborn Baby Tips, Contact Card, Kids Car, Kids Labels, Child Car Seat

Today, I’m sharing a FREE emergency car seat label with you! Yay! I’ve seen several online that you can buy, but I figured why buy one if you can just create one and give it to your readers? You can print this out, fill it in, and take it over to Staples (or wherever!) to […]

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If you don't know me, I'd probably be best descried as a "Helicopter Mom." Some might take offense to that - me? Not at all. I'd rather be safe than sorry. When I had my son, I was obsessed with reading Lucie's List. I learned a lot about car seat safety - the do's and don'ts of

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