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Unlock your photography potential with the Canon 6D. Discover top tips, tricks, and techniques to capture stunning photos and videos with this powerful DSLR camera.
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Canon 6D Review: The Affordable Legacy Full Frame DSLR — Shark & Palm

Once holding the title as Canon's most affordable full frame camera, the Canon 6D is a cannon in every sense of the word – an explosion of image quality in a solidly built (if heavy and unsophisticated) package . Released in 2012 and now purchasable for under $1000, how does it stand up in 2018

Maggie Cooper
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Canon EOS 6D Review

The Canon EOS 6D was released in November of 2012 at Photokina trade show. As Canon’s first budget-friendly full-frame camera, the Canon 6D quickly became a popular choice among many photographers, thanks to its excellent image quality and lightweight construction. I had a chance to test the 6D for three months, so I had a pretty good experience using the camera in the field, which I sum up below.

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Lenstag Helps You Track Your Super-Expensive Photography Gear For Theft Recovery And Prevention | TechCrunch

If you're a photographer who has gotten into the hobby, you probably know that it's a very expensive one which starts accumulating gear costs quickly. All those costs can be hard to keep track of, and make it imperative that you get your stuff insured and/or protected against theft somehow, and new site Lenstag wants to help with that.

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